The Love Machine Instruction Manual

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The machine is not a tool or method of analysis but the subject of our study.

As mechanics, we are not interested in the products of the machine as much as the workings of the machine itself.

The machine is comprised of texts and the ideas and assumptions that surround them.

The machine is self-replicating: its products are additional parts of the machine.

The machine is a love machine: it deals in desire and commodity, which we as authors must be willing to both give and receive. We love the machine, and we have to love the machine in order to work with it.


We hope to approach the machine and take it apart piece by piece to see how it works.  We’ll examine the parts we love to extol their virtues and find out how they work so well.  We’ll pick apart the machinery we find problematic to point out its flaws and see how it could work better.  This doesn’t mean we will figure out the entire machine, but we’ll focus on the bits we feel are most interesting and complex.  Here are some upcoming topics: Community, rural America, preppy clothing, Harry Potter, the Rally to Restore Sanity, and Google Earth.


We are a couple pursuing academia, and we are using this blog as a sandbox of sorts for informal study. When we want to test out new ideas or deal with certain topics informally, we’ll deal with them here. This is a space for us to practice, but also to get feedback from readers and, perhaps most importantly, to start a dialogue.  We want to have conversations with our readers!


Also, the love machine is a reference to our own relationship, as series of give-and-take motions we make as a couple. We’re approaching the machine in a very personal sort of way, recognizing why this subject matter is important to us and attempting to take it apart in a fresh manner.


A footnote:

The love machine is an over-worked metaphor and a catchy name. Do not take the machine too seriously! We probably won’t refer to it very much in future discussions.

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